Our Team

Reliability, transparency and trust. This is what our customers appreciate about us and what we also experience on the team. An approach based on partnership and open minds, cooperation that is forward looking and personal contact are things very important to what we do. We believe that joining forces leads to success.

Get to know us!

Nandor Szabó

CEO / Managing Director

After many years in various companies, he is now steering his own ship across the healthcare market. For the captain of the team, his success is essentially based on two cornerstones: having the right team on board and the cultivating trustworthy business relationships. A Dutch national with Hungarian heritage born in Austria, married to a German and living in Belgium, he is a prime example of a true European.

Martin Weiten

Sales Director

Lovingly referred to as the “king of nappies” by the team, he is our specialist in the fields of incontinence and wound care. A full-blooded salesman, he's always either visiting a customer or on the telephone. With lots of humour and loads of experience in the healthcare sector, he’s our mouthpiece to our customers. At the weekend you can find him at the stadium in Bochum.

Thijs Stevens

Operations Manager

Our second man in "Orange" doesn't just make sure that all operational processes are running smoothly, he also ensures that everyone on the team is having fun. Always in a good mood with his sleeves rolled up, he gets obstacles out of the way. With his motto of “there’s no such thing as the impossible” he motivates the rest of the crew.

Beate Steden

Customer Service

When she’s not keeping our men in check, she’s battling her way through orders, purchase orders and invoices. Girl power is very important to her, because even in the warehouse nothing stands in her way. And when one of the men comes down with “men sniffles”, she is always on hand with a pill or a bit of powder.

Emrah Sari

Customer Service

His area of expertise is customer service in all facets. And studied economics “on the side” because he doesn’t feel like being bored after his day at the office. After wrapping up his degree, he had to find a new hobby. So he devotes himself to his new passion: an e-mountain bike.

Michael Straub

Warehouse & Logistics

This is “our man” for pallets, packages and parcels, who likes to take things quite seriously. As a family man, trained carpenter and industrial clerk, he has a wide range of skills, which he also likes to employ in supporting the office team. In his leisure time he likes to potter about his allotment garden or bake his own bread or (much to the delight of his colleagues) a cake.

Melanie Jungbluth


She is the “queen of numbers” and makes sure that all of the bills are paid on time. With her sunny disposition and Bavarian flair she masters your orders successfully and on schedule. Numbers are not always quite so dry! She passionately asserts herself against German bureaucracy, the woman for creative problem solving and a master of the financial overview.